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Our Project Group is a small planning group that has an important task. It is trying to secure and extend the buildings of the Church.

Why? So that the Church can continue as an important source of Community in Darwen. This means that money matters become important. The Church needs to move forward with sound accommodation and modern facilities if it is to be effective.

You are invited to support the project by visiting us when our various activities are taking place. You will be assured of a warm and friendly welcome. Please tell your relatives, friends and neighbours and the rest of the community whenever the opportunity arises.

These were the Project Group's Terms of Reference when it was established in spring 2005: To source and secure £1,500,000 funding for the following projects:

  • The internal and external repair of the nave roof and painting of the ceiling
  • Refurbishment and renewal of the windows and stained glass
  • Re-development and enhancement to the existing Parish Centre
  • Refurbishment and renewal of the church wiring and electrical fixings
  • Re-building of the organ and modifying it with an electric keyboard
  • Servicing the church bells and bell tower services
  • Replacement of the twin central heating boilers and associated equipment
  • The design and construction of a community centre to support the Parish and the local area.

Yes, this was a vision of a long term project. A vision of there being a purpose-built community centre that will provide facilities for different groups of all ages. Meeting rooms, new kitchen facilities and car parks are planned.

And a great place for concerts using the splendid organ.

'The Project' was launched on Saturday 5th February with a Gift Day, which raised £1500. An evening with Terry Waite raised £2000. The Spring Fayre, donations and concerts have helped.

Many more events have taken place since then and many are planned for the future. So far the work of the group has as successful as we could have hoped at the start. The first thing we managed was the replacement of the central heating boilers.

The latest achievement, in 2009, was the completion of the roof refurbishment and the interior decoration of the ceiling over the nave. A wonderful start has been made on the windows with the installation of the Darwen Heritage Window.

This is important work for a Church sits in the town centre as an important building.

But of equal, indeed more importance, is the life that goes on there: The Church has been a place of worship since 1829.

  • it is an impressive setting for weddings
  • it has the dignity needed for support and comfort during funerals
  • generations of children are baptised there
  • it is associated with some of the best infant and junior schools in town
  • its Junior Church ('Sunday School') feeds some of the best secondary schools in the County
  • its members contribute to stores of food, furniture and toys for families in crisis
  • Mother and toddler groups meet in the morning
  • its members run the Guides and Brownies
  • its Mothers' Union does important work for charity
  • it is used as a venue for concerts
  • its choir helps keep alive a tradition of part-singing that was invented in English churches and has continued unbroken for over 600 years - and makes lovely music
  • in all its other organisations and activities people meet and make real friendships

And as well as all this, in a fast moving world of changing values the Church remains one of the places where people will publicly stand up for what is Good and reject what isn't.

We know that the Church will be supported because it is important in all these ways.

The Project Group's job is to organise the support and continue to hit its challenging targets. Existing facilities have to be maintained and there is a need for a new centre for community work.

With thanks to all those who have contributed and to all those who will give us support in the future.
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